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The Public Aquariums are excited:

“. . . I'll give the SCWD two thumbs up!” - Jeff Landesman, Chief Aquarist, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
“. . .for this type of system SCWD worked great. The fact that we only used one pump is excellent. I can see SCWD being the sole device for water flow in a tank like this.” - Fernando Nosratpour, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Lo Jolla, California
Listen to what hobbyists are saying:
"Works exactly how it should. I would recommend this product to my friends. - K R from Garden Grove, CA
“Great product!!! Easy to clean in vinegar bath. You can use flow excellerators to get even better action in bigger tanks! Love my two!” - RJ from Montrose, CO
“While I've heard complaints about the fact that this unit uses tubing and can't be hard plumbed, it makes installation on an existing system much easier. The product works as advertised, adjusting water flow does increase/decrease the switching. Considering the price of other 'wavemakers' and switching devices, this seems to be a great alternative. Presently I have the SCWD running from my main return pump, but I can see it being most effective in a closed system application, it will be very effective moving small particle foods through the tank.” - PM from Holt, MO
“I have had my SCWD for two years flawless!!! A must have.” - MC from Orlando, FL
”I installed one scwd on my 100 gallon reef tank with 2400 liters pump (600 gallon) it makes a very good wave really amazing no electric no noise very simple small in size big in work.” - JM from Yelm, WA
“When I bought this product I made it into a closed loop but it kept on leaking so I bought a new one and its better than gold!” - OA from KUWAIT
“I've got mine running on a Mag 9.5 and it cycles every 6 seconds. My corals are opening up more. I eliminated 2 powerheads in the tank with the SCWD.” - MB from LA
“This product is the best I have seen. It uses no power and can be setup in minutes. I have mine on a 50gal tank with a Rio 2500 pump.” - AJ from North Carolina
“I have 1 on my 75 reef, I attached 1 hydor on each feed and I get a natural wave action in my tank. Nice product.” - CM from Oregon
“What A GREAT Product! No extra power needed. Installs in minutes and makes life in your tank flourish! A must for any and all fish tanks.” - Anonymous from Australia
“Does exactly what I wanted. I have it powered by a Mag 5. Quiet efficient. Was able to remove to powerheads, so it gives a much cleaner look to my tank.” - AB from Osaka Japan